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Many marriages get into trouble, not so much because people didn’t care. It is more they didn’t know what to do. They lost their way. And with no map, no compass, they just got more and more lost. And the marriage gets more and more in trouble.

Is that you? You want a great marriage, one that is loving and warm. One where you and your spouse are connected. But maybe you got lost along the way. And perhaps you are now in a crisis. Or maybe just lost.

For the past three decades, I have been working with couples from all over the world, to find their way back to the marriage they want. Which is why I started this substack. I wanted more people to have access to the information they need — the map they need — to get back to where they want to be.

If that is you… if you want more help and guidance, more tools and training… then let’s join together and get you headed in the right direction. Join me by subscribing.

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Are you feeling lost in your marriage (maybe even in life)? You need a compass. You need connection. You need a compass to help you find your way through to the marriage you want. Let’s get there! Welcome to the Connection Compass.


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